Parajunkee’s Summertime Challenge – Books about Summer

Parajunkee Summertime week 2

Today’s Subject over in Parajunkee land is “Books about summer” and “What are your favorite books about summer, or books you want to read that are about summer?”

I rarely read books aligned to the seasons – I will read (and review) books about Christmas, sometimes about winter,  roughly from October through to January. I have been known to read “scary” books around Halloween. But Summer books? Nah.  I’ve got this thing around “chicklit” and “beach reads” that mean I very rarely read them.  I do read romance novels (god forbid there are enough reviewed here!), but I just can’t get myself excited about beach reads. I have this aversion to what I, rightly or wrongly, believe to be Schmaltzy stories. Books like p.s. I love you (which was on the tv over the weekend). do not excite me. I know people rave about people like Jodi Piccolt and how her stories are not in the slightest bit Schmaltzy, but unfortunately their covers have done too much in puttinThe House on Mulberry Bay by Melissa Hillg me off that I don’t want to break the cycle.

However, I am currently reading The Hotel on Mulberry Bay by Melissa Hill, which I received from the Publishers (Simon and Schuster) back in January as part of a goodie bag. Rude not to read and review it of course!  It’s June and I needed a new book to read so it seemed appropriate. So far it’s been a quick read, but I do suspect there will be a certain level of “Schmaltz” involved!

Something I have said all along: I don’t keep a list of books that I “must read” at any given point.  Simply by doing this makes me not want to read the book – it’s kind of like homework. I want to read a book because I’m in the mood to read that book then.  That’s why I’ve read Anno Dracula in Summer (even if the review was around Halloween!) and Christmas romances in September……it seemed right at the time!


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