Summer Time Blogger & Reader Challenge – Post 8 – Fave Summer Reading Spot

Parajunkee Summertime week 2 - Favourity Reading Spot
Post 8 of Parajunkee’s challenge and the question is “Where do you love to read during the summer?”.

As any good IT consultant will tell you “It depends”.  I grew up in a country where the weather was/is changeable. Today (for example) has included: bright sunshine, high humidity, high temps (28C – yes, that is high), thunder, lightening, hail and rain. Currently, there is daylight and no rain. Since our weather is so changeable, it was always a case of “if it’s not raining, you’re going outside”. It almost didn’t matter what you did once you were outside, you just weren’t allowed to be inside.

So, when the weather is “decent” (not raining, not dark, not cold), there is an automatic guilt trip that if I want to anything, including read, I need to do it outside. Grab a towel so I can sit on the grass and something to drink and spend an hour outside – or at least until you get cold, or realise you can’t get wi-fi this far away from the port.

When I’m abroad on holiday, I’m certainly not going to sit in my hotel room reading a book. I might grab a time on the balcony before I go down to breakfast, but usually, it’s sitting by the pool reading, sometimes with a drink at hand.  I struggle to read on buses/coaches, and much prefer to have the headphones on, listening to something I can always return to. I think it took me several months and multiple goes – specifically NOT on a coach! – to get through The Woman In Black without falling asleep! Nothing wrong with the book or the narrator, I just fall asleep on coaches!

So, my favourite summer places to read:

  • In bed if the weather is bad
  • Outside if the weather is good
  • Anywhere that will serve me drink or food and generally leave me to it.
  • By the pool if I’m near a pool





3 thoughts on “Summer Time Blogger & Reader Challenge – Post 8 – Fave Summer Reading Spot

  1. I agree. I love to read on a bench in the garden but then find too many distractions. The internet is great but eats into my reading time. It is reading but not books. On holidays I read more. Esp if the weather is bad.


    • I haven’t read a single thing of my current read since I’ve got home – I’ve been on the internet! I’m fully booked tomorrow, so have no idea if I will read!


  2. Our weather in Texas is very similar. I enjoy reading outdoors as well, as long as I can still read the pages! I typically don’t read by the pool because I’d rather be in it, but I have been known to read (or blog) at a restaurant.


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