Summertime Blog and Reader Challenge: Marking Special Occasions

Summertime Blog and Reader challenge - week 4

It’s week four of Parajunkee’s Summertime Blog & Reader Challenge, where the week is about moving further away from books and blogging about the things we enjoy, other than reading. It’s Post 14 and we are allowed to post a Random Non-Book Related Post.

I’m seeing a lot of internet traffic (primarily from the US, naturally) about marking significant moments such as 9/11, often by making quilts or using some other crafty skill.

I was just wondering how you marked an occasion, either good or bad? Do you make anything for weddings, christenings, birthdays, major holidays (Christmas, Passover etc), funerals, passings etc?

Do you make a quilt or patchwork from clothes from someone you’ve lost (e.g. a grandparent)? Do you have someone in the forces that you’ve made something for them – either whilst they’re out there, or for when they’ve come back?

I’ve made some things for family: a large sampler for my cousin’s 40th; a cross stitched cushion cover when my first niece was born; a Lavender and Lace sampler when my brother got married; a copy of a photo for my sister’s birthday. My mother has also had several large cross stitch pieces given to her for birthdays etc, when she’s seen it in progress and expressed interest in having it.

And of course, there’s a whole industry around Christmas, which often starts in July!

Have you had anything made for you? Or have you made anything to mark a moment, for yourself or anyone else?


3 thoughts on “Summertime Blog and Reader Challenge: Marking Special Occasions

  1. every year I have this idea of trying to make something as a Christmas gift for every member of my family. I usually leave it too late so am left scrambling for ideas. I found food items are the quickest – so one year I made beer mustard and lemon curd for every household. Another year I found a bread recipe and packaged all the ingredients into a parcel – that was a great success


    • I love it when a particular friend gives me biscotti for Christmas in a nice cellophane bag. Nice to sit there one afternoon with a cup of coffee and dunking a biccy…!


  2. Sadly, I don’t make anything. I typically share memories in one way or another. I wish I knew how to sew and such. When my great-grandmother was alive, she gave every new baby or newlywed couple in the family quilts that she made.


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