Sunday Salon: What makes you decide to buy a book?

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This was a question posed on the Booksnob blog, by the guest poster Mary Losure that I thought I would share with yourselves.

As part of a longer post Mary asks two fundamental questions

What, that you have read online, makes you decide buy a book? and Does a book trailer ever get you to buy a book?

My answers to both questions are as follows:

  • I often take part in Librarything‘s monthly Early Reviewer piece and where I don’t know the author, I go purely on the blurb provided. Where a second or third book from the same author appears in a subsequent batch (and I’ve liked the previous books), I put my name forward for that.
  • I have previously taken part in Goodreads giveaways (similar selection process to the above) but dont anymore as I only received perhaps 1 out of every 30 books I put my name down for. In the end I simply wasn’t getting results anywhere near the effort I was putting in considering and then putting my name forward
  • I am a netgalley reader, and put my name down for pre-release books there, again based primarily on the blurb. I rarely know much about the author.  I have ended up reading several series to completion after picking up the first book.
  • My friends who use bookcrossing recommend books to me, will send me a book that I’ve currently got listed on my wishlist, or I pick up a book based on the blurb on the back at one of our monthly meetings.
  • Publishers, and some authors contact me via twitter (@brumnordie) or my blog ( and ask me to review a specific book.
  • Then there are those books I pick up from authors or publishers I have been reading for years (Terry Pratchett, Jasper Fforde, Neil Gaiman, Jonathon Kellerman, Persephone publishers etc) that  will pick up because I like their work and want to read their next in a series.
  • I don’t watch trailers. Like vlogging, it’s not something I go searching for and I didnt even know it was an option! It certainly doesn’t influence my buying behaviour. If I find a writer’s blog or twitter, it’s usually AFTER I’ve read the book, and if I’ve written a good review, I let them know and thank them
  • I follow book bloggers and see what other people are reading then blogging/tweeting about. Sometimes I’ll add a book to a wishlist but it needs to be a good promote – I have so many books to read at the moment, I dont have much space to take on more books!
  • So it’s the blurb (maybe the cover as well), followed by recommendations from people I know. My advice: write the best book possible, get good blurb written and then get people reading/talking about it! (everything else is just *stuff*)

So, how do you decide which books to buy?



7 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: What makes you decide to buy a book?

  1. Most of the times, I go to the bookstore with a clear list of books that I wanted to read for a long time (picked according to the blurb and reviews) and those books read by fellow bloggers and loved. But when I get to the store, I pick up these other books that catch my eye either due their flashy covers or interesting blurbs. Nice discussion 🙂


    • I have to be strong willed when going into a store to not pick up more books than I can possibly read anytime soon! My TBR is so huge (and more books come in monthly from various sources) and I’m currently not getting rid of them fast enough


  2. The buzz on the blogs. If I see a title talked about over and over I’ll go check it out. A good review will get me. And I’m a cover sucker. 🙂


    • though, ironically, too much hype and I’m turned off. I started Gone Girl, didn’t take to it, then heard all they hype about “Girl on a train” and comparing it to GG. my thought was “But what if I didn’t like Gone Girl?”

      meanwhile I’ll read Wold Hall in a few years!


  3. Since I started blogging, I’ve been noticing what others are reading, and when I see that we often like the same books, I conclude that I might also enjoy that book or author. The blurbs also help me decide.

    Otherwise, I have my regular go-to authors that I’ve loved for years.

    Thanks for sharing…and here are MY WEEKLY UPDATES


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