Want to Guest Post?

I was talking to a local blogger recently, whose niche wasn’t books, but had been thinking about writing posts about books. However, since it wasn’t his niche (or necessarily books his current readers would be interested it), he was wondering how or even whether to go about it.  I found myself offering “well if you want to write a few guest posts on my blog to get your creative toe in the water, then let me know”. i'm not calling in sick

So I decided it was about time I started offering space on this blog to people who want to guest post. Here is what I suggest you consider:

First of all, read my blog. See if how I write, and what I write about suits you and your core message.  If you want to talk about non fiction, poetry, or Christian fiction, this is probably not the blog for you. I am not going to dictate style, or necessarily content, but we need to be in tune.  I do occasional posts about crafty stuff – sewing, cross stitch, patchwork, reviews of shows at the NEC, events at museums etc. I am happy to consider these.

Second, think about your “story” and what your plans are. A one off about your local Library, book shop or author event. A regular/irregular series on audiobooks spotlighting a specific author genre or voice actor.

Contact me (wpnordie@gmail.com) with details of your pitch so we can work together. Make sure you mention guest post opportunities in your mail.  If I don’t get back to you to discuss its a “no”. This is really important.

Make sure your post has working links and rendering photos, with suitable attribution.  I tend to aim for up to 4 images per post (negotiable), with a minimal number of gifs. If your style is  multiple gifs and minimal text, we’re not going to work well together. Please include a short bio as well, including links to your online presence (twitter, your own website etc).


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