#FoylesBrum – Storybox Blogger Breakfast

I’ve decided to take part in more Birmingham related events, and talk about them, so I joined the Facebook group Brum Bloggers UK. One of the first events I chose to go to was at Foyles Bookstore which opened in Grand Central Shopping centre late in Foyles Grand Central Birmingham shopfront2015.

On the 17th July, the shop opened an hour early for a number of Book Bloggers, a week ahead of the kick off of StoryBox:

the interactive children’s and YA book festival taking place over three weeks across all our shops in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

Storybox will inspire children to create their own stories, whether they record their own radio show, make some new animal friends, meet their favourite author or learn to draw with a renowned illustrator.

Hosted by Andi, the YA/Children’s bookseller, there was breakfast (croissants etc), and a brief interview with @ChelleyToy (who I think I’ve met before at another YA Event last year), in her capacity as YA reviewer and award winner. There was the chance to come up with ideas as to how the team could work better with bloggers – since I’ve realised there was someone there that I know from twitter, but not in real life, then I think name tags could be useful!

foyles book bench #2

Foyles Book Bench #1


There are two book benches in store as part of The Big Read, which whilst pretty to look at, can be a little bum-numbing to sit on after a while!

Then there was time to browse the bookshelves and chat with other bloggers, and get 20% off at the till. I currently still dont know much about YA books – even though Chelly was raving about a number of authors, so instead I picked up a couple of books from the British Library True Crime.

BL Publishing haul



As part of the event, all the bloggers got a goodie bag (I’m a sucker for a goodie bag!), which included the chance for further discounts and free tickets, buttons, colouring pencils, bookmarks etc.

foyles storybox goodiebag


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