What I do when I run out of content……

I’ve found myself in the strange position of not having many books to review at the moment.  This has made me look at the other content I could or should (or should not) be publishing.  I always have a number of draft posts sitting in the background in one shape or form.  These can consist of:

Partially Written Posts

These are normally review posts that simply need to be finished off and scheduled.

I currently have a whole series of near-completed Montalbano posts lying around in this state and just need to finish them off.

I have posts that I know I only produce once every three months or so. These are stubbed, and built up over the months, so that when it comes time to publish, all the heavy lifting has already been done.  Having them scheduled also allows me to schedule other newly minted posts around them.

Fun at the time, now less so

I had several posts that I thought would be fun to fill in at the time I saw them, and seemed to be a self contained post, so I created a draft post and started working on them. However, as part of taking a serious look at what to take forward, I’ve decided that I wont be able to do a decent job of them, so have deleted them.

Prompt bucketsLenses Old Documents

Several posts that I use to store prompts and that I occasionally raid to get inspiration.

I’ve deleted one post as in going down the questions, I realised that I was never going to be able to answer them in anyway that would be fun or interesting, so got rid of it.

I was about to delete another post – this one about arts and crafts, but I’ve decided that perhaps I should work on at least a couple (or a variation thereof). I haven’t written much about my craft stuff, which does take up a good percentage of my life, so I should do better in sharing.  I’ve already started one post and think I have stuff for a couple more so they now fall into the “Partially Written Posts” bucket (above).

I have a list of book related prompts, that I really look to cull or write something for them. I do need to have the “mojo” for a post though, so sometimes it can be difficult to find the right vein of inspiration to make an interesting or useful post.  This one really needs an overhaul – it would be a shame to get rid of the lot.

In total

I have about 20 posts in one shape or another, a handful of which will never be published in the form they are in. I also think I need to start looking for some more inspiration from around the internet, either in ideas or images, to make this a better blog!

So how about you: what do you do when you’re stuck for content? Do you actively look for inspiration (if so, where?) or do you just wait for the next thing to come along?



3 thoughts on “What I do when I run out of content……

  1. I don’t have a problem with content because i am always so far behind with my reviews! do you join any memes – they would be a way of generating regular content. Things like Top 10 Tuesday for example


    • I always struggle with top 10 lists, usually because my reading is so eclectic. Part of the prompt folder is a whole list of top 10s I have yet to attempt.

      I do follow some memes but can rarely think of a good enough post at the time. If I think there’s a chance some time later, it goes in the bucket…..


      • I’ve only just started doing the top 10 meme myself and can see how difficult some will be but I’ve also noticed that some participants just list 5 or 6 if they can’t think of 10.


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