Birmingham Bookcrossers Group

Anyone who has caught my posts and tweets over the last few weeks, will have known that there has been the 2016 UK Bookcrossing Unconvention in Birmingham on the 23rd to 25th September. This has meant that people from all over the UK (as well as Ireland and parts of Western Europe) bannerlogo_world-libraryconverged in the city to meet up, meet local authors, play games, eat, drink, tour the city and even do bookish things!  I wrote a post about it here

We still find people who have not heard about Bookcrossing, thought it was a fad from 10 years ago, or didn’t know there is a healthy community at city, country and international level.

I’m not sure we actually managed to get #Bcuncon2016 trending on twitter (I hope we did!), but I thought I’d just write a post about how the community is active throughout the year, and it isn’t just a once-a-year get together.

Since I live in Birmingham, I’m going to talk about the Birmingham Group in particular. We’ve moved around a bit the last few years, mainly due to our local coffee shops evolving and changing shape (some have closed permanently, some for a short time and some simply haven’t worked out) and I suspect that we’ve lost some people along the way.

We meet on the 4th (not last) Saturday of every month – currently we meet at 3threes Coffee in Martineau Place from 2:30pm.   Not only does this place cater for Vegans and Vegetarians, but it is also an Official Bookcrossing Zone (OBCZ) – if you see a book with a bookcrossing label or number, feel free to take it away!

We have other OBCZs around the city and they are:

There is an overarching Bookcrossing group on Facebook, that allows you to meet with international menbers. There is a Bookcrossing UK public group on Facebook, as well as the one for Bookcrossing Birmingham.  The Birmingham team tweets under @bxbrum.

Following the energy and fun that was had over the last weekend, it would be lovely to capitilise on it, and have new members join us




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