State of Play – My Bookshelves

It’s been a while since I posted pictures of my bookshelves, and I threatened someone with providing an update, so here they

Top 2 shelves of tbookshelf-2he one one on the left holds hardback books, usually those that I will never let go (Terry Pratchetts etc). The bottom two shelves have DVDs hidden by books that I am likely to let go, but have spilt over from the other bookshelf. The middle shelf has books, like the Persephone Greys you can see in the middle, that are not hard backs but will never be leant out.

The middle three shelves on the picture on the right consists of paperback books that I will be letting go, oncbookshelf-1e I’ve got round to reading them! Virtually all of them are already registered on bookcrossing.  These books are double deep, I have no idea how many there are of them, and I’m scared to count. There’s a whole range of genres and probably reflect my taste in books pretty well, if only I got around to detailing them properly!  The last time I organised the shelves was about 2 years ago, when I decided to have them in theme/author rather than in size order. Not sure this has worked out as well as I hoped, as once I read a specific book, I’ve found that perhaps I don’t want to read a book that could be too similar. I may have to reorganise the shelves at some point, but it’s easily a day’s job, so I’ll have to plan things correctly.

The top shelf consists of books relating to crafts (sewing, quilting etc), and the bottom shelf is comics – neither set of books are down to be leant or given out.

Not shown: The overspill of the overspill, where the hardbacks, magazines, craft and comic books are stacked on the coffee table awaiting more space to be freed up. It will happen sooner or later, honest!



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