Do you practise Book Pologamy?

From Epicreads
From Epicreads

Not entirely sure how I came across the above flowchart but my notes say I got it from here – I thought it amusing and worth sharing.

Yes. I can and do practise “book polygamy”. I usually have two books on the go at any one time. I sometimes have 3 going, but end up switching between two main books and finishing one before I truly progress on the third.

I can’t read two books of the same genre at the same time, as I usually get myself confused as to plots and characters. Because I am trying to read more paper books, I tend to have one ebook and one paperbook on the go – where I read them depends on the physical copy of the book itself. If I’m reading one of my hardbacks (and/or a book I want to keep in reasonable condition), it never leaves the house.  If it’s one I don’t really care about the condition afterwards, then it comes along with me in the handbag.

One of the reasons I read ebooks almost exclusively for two years is the ease of carrying them around. My iPad goes into the handbag and is pulled out wherever I have a free time. One of the nightmare scenarios for regular readers is not having a book to read – with an ereader you just go to the next book and not have the dreaded question of carrying multple books around with you when leaving the house (or even worse: do you leave the nearly ended book at home and bring a new one with you, or bring the one you’re reading and run the risk you’ll finish it, and have nothing else to read?).

So, Constant reader, how many books can you have on the go at any one time? how do you resolve the riddle of the nearly finished book? 




10 thoughts on “Do you practise Book Pologamy?

  1. I can do more than one book as long as they are very different in style and subject. Two crime fictions for example would have me totally confused. I tend to do the same as you do – one on the ereader which is usually a NetGalley review copy, and one in ‘real print’. Problem is that I sometimes forget about the e-reader one – just like now when I haven’t picked it up for more than a week.


    • Fair dues. I know someone who claims to be able to listen to the audiobook, whilst reading the print version. I can have two inputs at the same time! One always dominates!

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  2. I always have at least two books going at once, but usually one is an audiobook. Right now I have two audiobooks which is unusual and confusing. I will likely switch one of them over to print just to prevent the confusion. Sometimes I have as many as five books going at once (one at work on my desk to read during lunch, one audiobook in the car, one audiobook on my ipod for walks, one book next to my bed, and one book I cart around with me. That is TOO many. The progress is too slow on all the books and it frustrates me.


    • I’m out of the habit of audiobooks, but have just re-found the podcast “Craftlit” that releases classic lit a chapter a week. I have a whole lot of audiobooks lying around not listened to, simply because I dont have time to dedicate time to listen to them!


  3. Hello from Blogtacular 🙂 I usually have 2 to 3 books on the go. One or two on my Kindle app, and sometimes also a paperback. Currently I’m reading Sue Perkins’ biography ‘Spectacles’ which I’m about two thirds of the way through, but we recently went on Autumn vacation and I felt more like a crime novel for the holidays, so I also started ‘The Cornish Coast Murder’ by John Bude. Now I go between the two, depending on what mood I’m in.


    • Oh I loved the Cornish Coast murder – I think it was my first book from the British Library imprint! (There is a review around here somewhere if you care to look at it)


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