VIP Event at Rush Hair, Birmingham

rush-front-of-houseThis is a bit late in being posted up, for which I apologise, but on the evening of  Thursday 24th November, Rush Hair on Corporation Street in Birmingham threw their doors open for a bloggers event.  Under new Management, and with the roadworks on Corporation Street having finally been completed, this was an ideal time to invite some potential new clients to have a look around.

I arrived straighrush-christmas-cakest from work, and therefore was operating on an empty stomach. I was immediately welcomed in, my name checked off the list, a glass of bubbly put into my hands and a pass (which I got to keep afterwards) with my name, twitter id and blog name on it (other events people – please take note!).  We were kept topped up with bubbles and there were plenty of snacks around the place.

The salon is relatively small and all on one level, but judicious use of clean white walls and mirrors on the main back wall helps make it look bigger.rush-main-salon rush-mirrors


There is also the basin area – an area that is traditionally ugly, but here is tucked in a seperate room, made to be dark and a little nest-like with products nicely laid Rush Hair Braiding rush-braiding out.

On the night there were a number of people doing dry hair makeovers, including braiding and use of the GHD straigners (something I went through, to the shock and awe of the head stylist).  I didnt take photos of myself, but I know people did, so look out for images elsewhere around the web!


rush-hair-productsRush Shampoo Area









Scheduled for a number of hours, we all seemed to leave en masse at around 8pm, most of us with goodie bags in hand and some with a stack of business cards from other bloggers. Rush Hair Goody Bag

In Summary:

Rush Hair salon is well placed to get the newly invigorated traffic coming along Corporation Street now that access has been sorted out. It is bright and open and appears to be bigger than it really is due to judicious use of mirrors.  A 90 minute session (on an empty stomach) with no wet treatments or cuts makes it difficult to judge washing, cutting or blowdry capabilities, however my straightening did last until the following Tuesday. It could have lasted longer had my hair not needed a wash.

I have oddly challenging hair and I am in the process of going shorter – it took over 10 years of same cut, and 5 years with the same stylist before I had enough trust him to do a restyle. Let’s just say it takes me a while to change things!  In the immediate future, I would consider going in for a straighten, and possibly a blowdry.

From the blogger event, it was also not possible to judge the likely target audience – there were a lot of (much younger than me)  lifestyle and fashion bloggers, and it’ll be interesting to see the age range attracted to the salon – the staff seemed to be fairly young, which can help with keeping the energy levels up high and styles on trend.




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