Inspector Montalbano: Turning Point, Collection 3, Episode 1

montalbano-fazioI cant tell which book this comes from – it’s certainly not known under this name anyway – so cant do a “compare and contrast”.  Salvo turns up to station to find workers getting rid of graffiti. He tries to keep Caterella’s spirits up, but when he goes through the eerily empty station, he decides to call the commissioner (who is out of the office). Mimi overhears the conversation, and realises that Salvo plans to resign after recent raids on the police.  Mimi rails against him, telling him that he may feel betrayed, but his resignation would be a betrayal of those who actually work for and respect him.

Salvo goes swimming, comes across a body floating face down in sea. He manages to pull it ashore, where he gets attacked by an old couple, the Bausans, who have been watching him and think he’s a murderer. They shoot a gun into the air then knock him unconscious with her walking stick, just as Fazio arrives.

Pasquano believes the man was dead before thrown in water about a week previously. Cuts on his body tell that he was tied up before hand and attacked by crabs after death. Salvo continues to be in the mood to quit as he visits Commissioner’s office again, only to find he’s still away.

Salvo visits an immigrant camp, where they are being rounded up. A young man runs away, but Salvo persuades him to returns to his mother. The whole situation is cvery reminiscent of Francois.

Salvo goes to visit Ciccio, a fisherman, who takes look at the corpse and disputes how long he’s been in water and where he was dumped. The fisherman thinks the body had been kept somewhere secluded for a bit, then dumped in sea to give the impression that it’s come from far away.

Salvo goes to the local hospital looking for refugee with the 3 kids he saw the day before, but whilst she made it to the ambulance she never made it to be treated. He sees the ambulance crew as he leaves, who swear they dropped her off, but didn’t take her in as they returned to the site.  Over lunch with Niccolo, they expand theories, and TVs reporter suggests they’ve all been played where she fakes an injury in order to be taken to A&E, which are not monitored,mind vanishes in order to join her husband.

Niccolo then asks favour, a journalist friend called Sozio Melato wants to meet Salvo as he’s doing a piece on immigrants. Salvo talks to Livia and tries to get perspective on why the boy would run away from his mother.

Caterella thinks he’s identified the dead man, but Mimi is not sure. Salvo calls Inspector Vattiato from another town as the dead man might be one Ernesto Errera. Unfortunately for Salvo and Caterella, Errera has been dead and buried a year.

Talking to Mimi, Salvo hears a young boy has been killed in a hit and run….it’s the immigrant boy. Leaving the morgue he gets stopped by a nurse who had worked A&E the day the immigrants came in, saw the woman and the boys be picked up by a car, with the boy tried to run away again,

Salvo talks to the farmer who reported the hit and run, and it sounds like the child was run over on purpose. Fazio has found out that Marzilla, the ambulance nurse, and his wife are heavily in debt, especially after their shot burnt down the previous year. Marzilla comes round to Salvo’s house and admits that he’s so in debt, the loan shark has him transport illegal children to the hospital in exchange for a reduction in interest payments. He is scared now the child is dead as he dosnt know what’s going to happen next.

Some anonymous post comes to the station implying that the body buried in Errera’s grave was so mangled, there is doubt as to who could be buried there. Ingrid comes round for dinner, and recognises photo of the dead man as Mini Lococo, who was briefly one of her lovers. They used to meet at the old tuna factory, which had a couple of rooms converted. Lococo used to talk in Arabic and Italian using both satellite phones and radio. Ingrid dumped him because there was something she didn’t feel happy with…Lococo was extremely paranoid.ingrid

She stays the night and Salvo sleeps on sofa. Marzilla stops by to say multiple boats are due in in the next few days, but that he has a job that evening. Salvo gets Ingrid to come round that evening as he wants to use her driving skills.

Melato visits station, tells Salvo about illegal smuggling of children for begging, sex trade or for organ harvest. Has come because Baddar Gafsa has been seen in Vigata. A Tunisian, he is the leader of the organisation running the smuggling and is in Vigata cos that’s where the processing centre is for the bigger stake immigrants. Used to be run by an Italian, who got too big for his boots so was killed. Salvo takes this to be Lococo.

They set up to raid the tuna factory, with Mimi and Fazio leading the two teams, and Salvo on his own. Instead of waiting for the team to cover him, Salvo goes in on his own, and ends up getting shot, but not before shooting Gafsa dead.

To recover from being shot, Fazio drives Salvo into the mountains to an isolated house that doesn’t have a phone, and is told to come back in a week, having told no one where Salvo is. The house is one where Salvo’s father went to to get away from things and his business partner, Pasterfilipi, lives nearby and has kept the house as it was before Salvo’s father died


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