Shelf Stacking

TBR Shelf 1

My books are currently all in one room, but there are too many just to be on the bookshelves. One of my objectives this year is to rearrange my shelves. They were originally split into “keep” and “let go” but after the last few years the two sets seemed to have got muddled up together. The “let go” books are sandwiched betewen the Crafting “keep” reference books and the Graphic Novel “keeps”.   I can’t even claim to have a “Read” and “Not Read” section any more either!

It doesn’t help that two shelves also include DVDs (I am at a loss as to where to put them otherwise), and whilst I have some of the hardbacks I know I won’t read for a while packed high away, there are books in the series that I have yet to read. Since these latter books are currently in easy reach and I still haven’t read them, what is the chance of reading them if I pack them out of reach?! Perhaps there is a theory there that perhaps tidiness is better than ease in these situations, so perhaps I should bite the bullet?

“Let it go, let it go!”

There is a plastic bin in one corner that holds the books that will ultimately leave the flat.  This bin was overflowing at one point last year, when one of the cafes where we have our bookcrossing shelves closed down for refurb. Rather than lose access to so many books, we spent several weeks removing the books to various parts across the city. This included me taking rather a large number home myself. Thankfully I was able to disseminate a number to others in our extended group, primarily via the bookcrossing uncon that was held in Birmingham last year, and also to other shelves across town. It has  allowed me to visit some places I hadn’t been for a while….much has changed, especially considering some of these places used to be my regular haunts!  I must start visiting places again, and I think this is actually one of my resolutions this year. I must also find out if and when our previous cafe will be opening again and taking books….another set of people I’ve not been in regular contact with.

Book Embargo

I do have some kind of embargo on books coming into the flat, and that held for much of last year. However, I got given a number of books over Christmas and New Year, and I also picked up a large pile of books at a recent bookcrossing event as I didn’t want a collection of books to be broken up.  I also went to a bookstore event and since I had been given a number of book tokens, again over Christmas, I managed to pick up some more books there. Whoops!  I managed to find somewhere to put them, but it certainly didnt help with keeping the place book free!

Do you have books stacked in every room of your house or are you strictly a believer that books belong on bookshelves?


7 thoughts on “Shelf Stacking

  1. They are not in every room of the house but are still not in a very organised collection. Our house has a very useful space under the roof which the previous owners turned into a walk in cupboard. I put all my to read books in there – in a bookcase and on shelves and also on the floor. But I also have them in shelves in other rooms. Its a constant battle to keep them from falling over…


    • I’m always worried that my shelves are simply going to collapse with all the books! I occasionally get told off that they are already bending under the weight, to the point where I have told the people who need to point this out every time they visit that the state of my bookshelves is no longer open for discussion

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  2. Well, we don’t have any books in the bathroom or the kitchen, but they’re the only two book-free rooms in the house – we even have a bookcase on the landing with a huge pile of to-read books balanced precariously on top. The most over-run room though is the alleged spare bedroom – it has a whole wall taken up by shelves, with books even double-stacked to get everything on! I’m trying to sort some to go to charities or somewhere but progress is slow, and anyway my teen might be moving out soon, so then I can move my books into her room 🙂 BTW a quick fix for bending shelves is to stack books horizontally under the sagging section to work as an extra support (without losing book space)


    • Thought I had replied to this – obviously not!

      There’s a fine balance between “too many books” and “stacking for stability” – both bookshelves are built in with no lower support – one is above where the TV goes. I’ve moved stuff around and double deeped the DVDs, so that stuff can be tidied up a little and pressure taken off one of the shelves at least


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