Armchair BEA 2017 Day 1: Introductions


I usually attend Armchair BEA (Now called Armchair Book Expo), and I am usually a LOT more prepared than this!” It only really came up in my twitter feed the other day, and it turns out that I can’t get to the main site from here! Boo!  We shall see how we get on. Anyway, as usual, there’s the space for Introductions, so here’s my answers to some of the questions.

I am…Nordie, a crafter, reader, tweeter, comic book nerd etc.

Currently, I am not reading as much as I should, even with 3 books on the go.

My favorite genres are: Romance, Literary Fiction, Historical Fiction,

My Least favourite Genre is: Christian Fiction. I end up feeling slapped around the head with a very unsubtle brick. I dont read non-Fiction or Poetry, not because I hate it, but because I simply don’t find it interesting.

My Social Media Links include: twitter (as @Brumnordie), Facebook (closed, Personal account), this blog, google+.

My summer plans . . . there’s a lot going on this summer In Real Life, so there is nothing planned for the summer. However, there is a bookish meet later in the year, that I am currently planning on atteding

My blog/channel/social media . . . chat with me on any of the following social media outlets


12 thoughts on “Armchair BEA 2017 Day 1: Introductions

  1. I never used to read much nonfiction, but since starting blogging (and encountering a lot of nonfiction reviews) I have gotten much more into it. I think there are a lot of great narrative nonfiction books out there right now, you might give some a try; often they have the same pull as fiction. Whatever you choose to read, have a great week!


    • Thanks, hope you have a great time too!

      My TBR is so HUGE atm, I’m scared to even think how many non-fiction books there are in there! (I suspect there are a few). Certainly cant consider adding to the pile before getting rid of some!

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  2. I don’t read non-fiction either, other than with my 3-year-old who loves to learn new facts. I don’t really hate it, either; it just doesn’t grab me in the same way as a novel. I’d rather watch a documentary or listen to a podcast than read a non-fiction book.


    • Here in the Uk, BBC4 is excellent for non fiction programs, including historical documentaries. There are also excellent nature documentaties across UK TV. I enjoy watching these, but will often read fictional books in the same era – I suspect it’s the different medium in which the information is given out, that’s the thing


    • Hello!

      Christian Fiction is so *earnest* isnt it? What I dont like is the same thing I dont like about the Evangelical wing of any religion (but especially the Christians)…..very intense, if you dont agree with them you’re wrong, and they are so so desperate for you to believe the same thing they do as if you are some lesser being by not agreeing with them

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  3. Much of the nonfiction I read now is in the form of the graphic novel memoir. Don’t stress over how much you should be reading vs how much you are reading. Everyone goes through slumps. If the reading is for pleasure, don’t turn it into work!

    Two posts: Introductions and Best Practices


    • I do like Graphic Novels, but already have a TBR SO HUGE, even in the GN arena. I do have the Lovelace and Babbage GN lying arounds somewhere too!


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