Bookshelf tidyup

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Sometimes I feel my bookshelf is a little like that on the left – always moving, never neat!  And sometimes it’s like the one on the right, where everything is in a pile out on the floor and tables.

Current arrangement

My shelves were reorganised about 2 years ago into some kind of “theme”. For example: all the books by one author were out together; books based in or set around “Asia” or “Indian Subcontinent”) were grouped together.   This worked well for a while, until I realised that if I had just finished a book set in India, I rarely wanted to go straight into another book based in India – I often wanted something completely different.

Also, with the movement of some stuff on the shelves, and the absorption of some books from Bookcrossing, the shelves started getting a little messy to say the least.

The picture above is an example of the mess it was in. Stuff stacked with no rhyme or reason, and generally looking a mess.

One of my objectives at the beginning of the year was to reorganise my bookshelves, but when it came down to it, I wasn’t up to a full reorg.  The picture below gives some indication of what I was up against!  These are JUST the TBRs!


What I ended up doing

What you cant see from the photos above is that there is storage space below the books, that I took the chance to tidy up as well. This meant that I moved crates of stuff away, but it did mean that there were crates lying all around my sitting room, making it even more cluttered. I needed to put them back but it meant that I wasn’t in the mood to therefore dismantle so many books in order to do a full reorg (those shelves are double deep in books, so there are twice as many as you would think.

Therefore I did a partial reorg, going back to my original stacking process of going by book height. Below is what my shelves look like now: not a huge difference but it makes the place look a little tidier


So: what do your shelves look like? Do you need to do a tidy up? How do you organise them – is there some kind of plan in place?


5 thoughts on “Bookshelf tidyup

  1. i just recently re-organised my 7ft book case. my cat, oblivious to my dilemma, remained atop… lying on his back, fluffy tummy exposed and looking cute as hell. such a distraction.
    however, i have 5 shelves. the lowest shelf houses all my photography books, the second bottom, has all my reference & non-fiction. the third (middle) has biographies and autobiographies and the top two are fiction… mixed up and in no particular order other than how i would seat these authors should i have a ‘fantasy dinner party’… i have Plath next to Paul Muldoon; i have Irvine Welsh next to Hunter S Thomson and Bukowski; i have Shakespeare next to Alighieri. And so on….
    but i will probably re-organise them again soon, as i am moving house.


    • ooh “fantasy dinner shelf”! there’s an idea! You’re doing better than me on the groupings.

      Moving house is always a good way to whittle any books out and have a good think of what you want to do, even if the cat is distracting!

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  2. Oh bookshelves are SO COMPLICATED to organize, ahah, I sometimes just don’t know where to start and I often want to re-do everything. I have only one shelf, as I’m lacking space, and the shelf is full and for now I have organized it by…well, spines, as I’m trying to make a rainbow kind of shelf ahah. It is so hard, though, and sometimes I can’t find my books, but it’s very aesthetically pleasing, at least? ahah 🙂


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