Book Talk and Update

Yes, I’m still here, just not publishing (review) posts as frequently. However, I thought I’d make an update post of general things going on

Book Talk

In scheduling my May (i.e. Comic book) tweets, I’ve realised that whilst I’ve read lots of *Comics* over the last year (My LCBS and I now have a reasonable monthly deal going on), I’ve not read and reviewed any *Graphic Novels* over the last year.

Previously I’ve done Comic Books into June, but I’ve become aware that June really should be #PRIDE month. I will admit that I dont track my books at that level, so currently, it’s difficult to identify the books that could be classed as predominate “LGBT+” books (why cant people read everything?).  I’ve realised I do have a few books or authors that *could* be classed as LGBT, but in a way I do think it’s hooking my name to an unnecessary flag. i’m curious what people think. Constructive comments only please!

I’m halfway through reading “the 19th Wife”, which at 500+ pages is long for me at this time.

My 2 year Persephone Book Subscription has finished (I brought 1 year, I got another year as a pressie). I now have a HUGE stack of books that need to be read.

Because that’s not enough, I decided on a number of other subscriptions:

One for A Box of Stories, where every few months I get a box of books that would have other wise ended up in Landfill (or elsewhere) because they didnt sell through the usual routes (e.g. a bookshop). Due to the number of books I have, I have yet to attempt any of the boxes I’ve received so far.

Periene Press – 1 book every 3 months (i.e. 3 a year), of translated books based on an overall theme

I’ve brought virtually no individual books (I have WAY too many to read) but I have pre-ordered “Riccardino” by Andrea Camilleri. It’s rare for me to order books (esp hard books) but this is the last Montalbano book, that Camilleri told his publisher not to publish until he died.   Along with my Pratchett Hardback (I’ve got most of them, but especially his last Discworld that I still have to read), this will be added to the “Permanent Collection” pile.

New SM

WordPress and Hootsuite have changed their User Interface (UI) which has made it a tad difficult to work out some stuff, including numbers and being able to shedule tweets.

Bookcrossing general

I normally have several shelves that I can “release” books to, but of course, these shelves have not been available for the last 14 months or so. Therefore books have been backing up in my flat, which has meant my flat has looked even more cluttered than I’m happy with.  As an interim, I left books in my apartment block foyer. Initially, the books I had chosen didnt move, so I changed my selection – choose from the books that I *had* planned to read at some point, but if I was going to be brutal, I realised that I would not read in the next 12+ Months. So those got put on the pile. It’s been interesting in how many of them have gone (I’d say over 50%). I really should do a refresh in the next few weeks – if they haven’t gone now, its unlikely they’re going to go in the next few days)

At time of posting, the 2021 #Bookcrossing UK Uncon is scheduled for October 2021, to be held in Newcastle. The twitter account is @BCUKUNcon2021 and I would love for more people to follow and/or tweet and/or recommend Newcastle related accounts or things to do (or even suggestions as to possible additions to the raffle pressies would be lovely)

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