Book Review: Serial Killers – Up Close and Personal by Victoria Redstall

An actress who has bonded deeply with serial killers shares her insights into their minds
Victoria Redstall is a glamorous model, actress, filmmaker, and investigative journalist who has spent years visiting high-security prison and getting to know sadistic killers like Gary Ray Bowles and Keith Hunter Jesperson, “The Happy Face Killer.” These hardened killers have opened up to her in a way that they would never do to psychiatrists, prosecutors, or other authority figures, and have revealed terrifying chapters of their lives that might otherwise have stayed hidden forever. In this chilling book she shares every detail and insight, bringing the reader up close and very personal with some of the most dangerous and disturbed serial killers that the world has ever seen. 

I’m not a huge fan of True Crime books, but I thought I’d give this one a go. I started reading this book, and within the first chapter decided that I didn’t like the writing style. It was it is supposed to be “Up close and personal” but in the stuff I read, it was more about the author than what the subjects have to say. In the first chapter, there was minimal quotes from the killer or the people around him. Here are a couple of quote from the first chapter alone to give you some kind of idea

Following a stormy marriage, Wayne’s parents divorced in 1971, with Mrs Ford travelling the world for six years while leaving her boys in the care of their father, who was now living in the Golden state of Napa. This was a bad choice because Wayne didn’t see eye to eye with his father; indeed to put no finer point on it, they didn’t get on at all.

Ford then told another unlikely story which had the dectectives winking at each other in disbelief.

We have seen the mitigation cards played by these predators and their lawyers, who deal them out time and time again prior to sentencing. Simply put, it just doesn’t wash!

I had to stop reading after the first chapter – I was being interrupted from the narrative by the writing style. In reading the other online reviews (I tend to read reviews AFTER i’ve read the book itself) and it seems I’m not alone.

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