2022 personal Reading challenges

It’s now in the last month of the year, so of course the reading challenges for next year have come out. I might well do a post for links (this has worked well in the past) BUT in terms of personal reading challenges, I dont plan on doing anything formal.

I have *so* many books that my best attempt at a reading challenge would be ‘lets get off the sofa, eh?’. I’m not sure there’s a proper challenge for that LOL.

Previously there has been a paper reading challenge – but that does not cover the ‘excess books in the places they should not be’ challenge Perhaps I should have that as a formal challenge!.

I have found that making a list or specific set of books that I am going to read in a certain time frame is a lot like homework (who else dreaded the set reading list at school?), and can instantly turn me off reading a book. Part of the enjoyment of reading is deciding in the spur of the moment what I’m choosing next to read.

How about you? have you thought of about even doing a reading challenge next year? Have you decided on one (or more!) yet? If so, please share!

2 thoughts on “2022 personal Reading challenges

  1. I’ll do the New Release Challenge and Historical Fiction Challenge for sure – only because they’re easy. I might do others like Big Books or 20 Summer Books. I want to try for Women in Translation, but that doesn’t always work out. Novellas in November is always good. Plus, I want to do another Classics Spin, but only if I have a window for it! So many challenges out there…


  2. I am a new book blogger (started in May) and feel like I missed out on doing challenges this year (because I had not heard of them until I started blogging!). So, I have signed up to do 7 challenges (which is insane, I know), but I can use the same book for multiple challenges and plan to take full advantage of it. One of the ones I am doing is reading physical books on your shelves and another is cleaning up the virtual TBR pile, both of which I need to do, so am excited about it! I am cindysbookcorner dot blogspot dot com if you’d like to see all that I signed up for, I have a page titled “Reading Challenges 2022.”


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