LogoColorTextBelowI am currently not accepting review requests.  This is because I have too many books, and not enough time in the day to give the correct level of attention to new books/authors.  This page will be updated once I am in the position to take on requests again. 

Based in England, I read. A lot. Not as much as some people I know, but, you know, more than many. I can never remember a time when I couldn’t read, and I love spreading these books to both young and old alike.

Most years I exceed this goal of 75+ books a year, but I’ve not achieved this the last few years. This blog is where I post my reviews for the majority of these books, as well as other seemingly random posts on other book related subjects. In 2015 I started incorporating posts on sewing, another of my favourite hobbies.

As someone living in the UK, I am unable to make use of downloading content from Amazon.com or other non-UK based versions. 

I am a member of Netgalley, Librarything, and Goodreads.  Variations of my reviews appear on these sites too.

I suggest you also read my review policy. Please note that I do not accept promotions via comments.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, I’m a Netgalley member and was wondering how you added the badge for it!? I haven’t been able to work out how to do it! Love your blog by the way!!


    • the badge itself was only available to those who signed up to the “profile wellness” challenge, that completed approx July 2013. Just had a look on their tumblr feed and it’s no longer there.

      In terms of getting the/an image onto the page – checkout “about.me”, sign up with your details, and then play around with your wordpress “about.me” widget until you’re happy


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