An Evening With Loch Lomand Group (part 1)

I’ve decided to make a little diversion into something different, this time talking about one of the events outside of reading and books.

The Birmingham Whisky Club held a session at The Wellington on Friday February 10th 2016, titled “An Evening With Loch Lomond Group (Part 1)” where we got to learn about their delicious whiskies, the history of the brands and taste through a selection of their delectable drams.loch-lomand

The Loch Lomond Group is an independent distiller and blender of of some of the finest and rarest Scotch whiskies in the world. Their heritage is amongst the oldest in the industry. They have in three distilleries in locations steeped in whisky history. A malt and grain distillery at Alexandria on the banks of the iconic Loch Lomond; and a malt distillery in the historic ‘capital of whisky’, Campbeltown.

Since 1814, the Loch Lomond Distillery has been producing the finest single malt and single grain whisky. Situated on the banks of Loch Lomond, it takes its name from this most picturesque of all Scotland’s lochs. In the Victorian age, Cambeltown was known as the whisky captial of the world and one of the five distinct malt producing regions of Scotland. Only three distilleries have maintained production from those heady days of the 1830’s. One of the finest is Glen Scotia.  This evening concentrated on a selection of Loch Lomond and Glen Scotia whiskies (Part 2 is in a few weeks, concentrating on other whiskys)

The evening was lead by Ibon Mendiguren, whisky expert and Brand Development Manager for Loch Lomond Group where the following drams were tasted:

  • Glen Scotia Double Cask :: 46% ABV
  • Glen Scotia 15yo :: 46% ABV
  • Glen Scotia Victoriana:: 51.5% ABV
  • Loch Lomond 12yo :: 46% ABV
  • Loch Lomond 18yo :: 43% ABV
  • Glen Scotia Single Cask

I’d just like to mention two things in my defense: I came straight from work, so was tasting on an empty stomach, and I’m just coming out of a cold, so my sinuses were a little clogged. By about the 4th tasting, I was struggling to pick up all the smells being mentioned (I’m usually pretty good). Whilst there wasn’t much in each dram – good thing too! – it did go straight to my head, so I was rather tiddly at the end!brummie-whisky

However, it was an enjoyable evening – I met some people I’ve met before, some new people, and after the main tasting was finished there was the chance to do some mingling with other attendees. Some people were there in couples, some in small groups, and then others like me who were solo visitors who sat on the “big table”. Picture to the right is post tasting-finishing-of-bottles and checking of phones!



#FoylesBrum – Storybox Blogger Breakfast

I’ve decided to take part in more Birmingham related events, and talk about them, so I joined the Facebook group Brum Bloggers UK. One of the first events I chose to go to was at Foyles Bookstore which opened in Grand Central Shopping centre late in Foyles Grand Central Birmingham shopfront2015.

On the 17th July, the shop opened an hour early for a number of Book Bloggers, a week ahead of the kick off of StoryBox:

the interactive children’s and YA book festival taking place over three weeks across all our shops in London, Bristol and Birmingham.

Storybox will inspire children to create their own stories, whether they record their own radio show, make some new animal friends, meet their favourite author or learn to draw with a renowned illustrator.

Hosted by Andi, the YA/Children’s bookseller, there was breakfast (croissants etc), and a brief interview with @ChelleyToy (who I think I’ve met before at another YA Event last year), in her capacity as YA reviewer and award winner. There was the chance to come up with ideas as to how the team could work better with bloggers – since I’ve realised there was someone there that I know from twitter, but not in real life, then I think name tags could be useful!

foyles book bench #2

Foyles Book Bench #1


There are two book benches in store as part of The Big Read, which whilst pretty to look at, can be a little bum-numbing to sit on after a while!

Then there was time to browse the bookshelves and chat with other bloggers, and get 20% off at the till. I currently still dont know much about YA books – even though Chelly was raving about a number of authors, so instead I picked up a couple of books from the British Library True Crime.

BL Publishing haul



As part of the event, all the bloggers got a goodie bag (I’m a sucker for a goodie bag!), which included the chance for further discounts and free tickets, buttons, colouring pencils, bookmarks etc.

foyles storybox goodiebag