Review Policy


Please note that I am currently not accepting review requests.  This is because I have too many books and not enough time in the day to give the correct level of attention to new books/authors.  This page will be updated once or even IF I am in the position to take on requests again.

I am currently not giving out my email address. If I have not responded positively to your request for an interview or review within 72 hours, please accept this as a polite “no thanks” (chasers to see if I’m going to read your book, after I’ve not responded to all previous requests will only ensure that I will NOT be reading your book. Please take the hint).   My email has been removed to stop requests. This does NOT give permission to attach requests to any of my posts, including Social Media (e.g. Twitter, Insta, Facebook etc). I am being clear: I am currently not accepting review requests.

If your contact contains a phrase along the lines of “I see you don’t do X but can you make an exception for me?” the answer is “NO” and will ensure you are ignored (and blocked as appropriate). There will be NO exceptions to this rule.

Please note that as someone living in the UK, I am unable to make use of downloading content from non UK Stores (e.g.

My review Policy is as follows:

  • I never read poetry
  • I rarely read nonfiction, but do review the occasional biography, cookbook, craft book.
  • I am not a fan of Christian (or generally religious) Fiction. I have read it, have even reviewed it, but generally don’t give an overall favourable review, due to my own personal reaction to this kind of fiction. It can be the greatest, best-written novel on the planet, but best if I don’t get asked to write a review.
  • Ask me to read something, when I’ve told you I dont like this kind of submission – if I accept, it will be to give you an appalling review. Is that what you want? Really?

I read paper books, ebooks (kindle and Kobo software preferred) and listen to audiobooks.

The Genres I prefer to read include

  • Mystery and Thrillers,
  • Golden Age (e.g. Christie, Marsh, Tey)
  • “Women’s Fiction” (what ever that is!)
  • Romance (historical and modern, including “spicy”).
  • Graphic Novels/ “Comics”
  • Sci fi and Fantasy (This depends on the book/genre, and my choices can seem oddly….odd. Some “old school” (e.g. Le Guin etc) yes, some new school (Martin, probably), the rest? Probably not.) Phrases like “If you liked x author, you’ll love this one”  err. Dont bother)
  • Literature and Fiction
  • Historical Fiction

I post reviews to

  • Goodreads (as Nordie),
  • Librarything (as Nordie),
  • My own wordpress blog (
  • For paperbooks that I share with other readers, these can be tracked through (as Nordie).
  • Netgalley (as Nordie) if received from there. I do not share ebooks.

These reviews also get promoted on Twitter (@brumnordie).

I do NOT post reviews to any incarnation of Amazon – if that’s all you want, dont even bother asking.

I no longer accept requests to review Self Published books of any genre. Do not get offended if I decline to read your book.

Asking me to pay full purchase price for your book in exchange for a free review will ensure your request gets ignored. My time reading and reviewing is as valuable as yours spent in writing your book.

If you have either not read or understood this review policy, this will ensure your request gets ignored. My time reading and reviewing is as valuable as yours spent in writing your book. The barest minimum you have to do is read this page.

I do not charge for writing or promoting reviews, but in turn will write an honest feedback on what I thought of the book. This means that not all reviews will be 5* (and in fact, I don’t give out Stars). In turn I will also not expect an author to demand payment for access to their manuscript – I have plenty of manuscripts to read for free (hint: you’re NOT that cute, move along…..).

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