Blog Prompt: Set Reading and Blogging Schedule?

Book Blogger Hop

Coffee Addicted Writer is having a year long blog hop with weekly book related prompts and I’m looking to take part in as many as possible

Do you have a schedule set for blogging and reading time? Or do you not have a set time and just let it happen?

I made a concerted effort in the second half of 2013 to have blog posts ready and scheduled as far as possible into 2014.  I can move these schedule posts around as necessary, and it gives me the flexibility to concentrate on reading the books I want to read and produce reviews as necessary, without the added stress of thinking “I need to finish this book in order to write a review as I have no post scheduled”.

As for reading time, I try and take my lunch break at work, and if possible, catch up on some reading then.  My commute isn’t long enough at the moment to allow me to settle down with a good book, so my main reading is done in the evening and at the weekend. One of my resolutions this year was to also set time aside to do some craft work and sewing, making use of the audio books that I have stacked up waiting to be listened.

Any further blogging will take place in the evenings or at the weekend. I have a tablet that has note taking software, so if I think that it might take some time after finishing the book to get the review written, I will make notes (things like the main character names, things I did and didnt like about the story or the writing style) and jot those down so that I have something on which to base a review when the time comes.

What about you? Do you have some kind of schedule or set time for reading and blogging?



One thought on “Blog Prompt: Set Reading and Blogging Schedule?

  1. I read every night before I go to sleep. I try to read over lunch, but work has been busy so sometimes I only have like 10 minutes to heat up my food and wolf it down.

    99% of my blog posts and social media posts are scheduled as well. It seems to cut down on the stress!


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