Stacking Shelves

Book lovers have multiple ways of filling their shelves; by author, size, colour, Dewey Decimal etc.

I’m not really that complicated

I have two groups of books: the one i keep and the ones I will give to others.

The latter is broken down into two: those that I want to read, then let go, and the ones that will be let go, no matter what.

Normally in all situations I have previously packed by size. To some it makes sense – if you have 6 books the same size, you can pack another few horizontally, that you cant do with mixed sizes. Some order differently. I try my best to breath deep!

A few years ago I reordered by shelves into “Themes”, e.g. all the ‘Asian’, ‘Romance’ or ‘Crime’ Books together. As I am very much a ‘I’ll read what ever I’m in the mood for’ kind of reader’, I was quickly bored of this kind of sorting.

With new books coming into the realm on a regular basis, and in a greater number than I’m letting go, I also became a situation of the “will I read before letting go, or straight releasing?”.

Sometimes I will store by authour (not so common nowadays, due to various issues), but usually by publisher or some other supplier. e.g. all my Persephone greys will end up on a certain non release shelf, all my box of stories books will go asap, and my comic book/graphic novel stories will go where they need to. It’s now a case of “where will this one fit?!” (Books are on shelves, coffee table, bedside table and now in boxes on the floor).

I dont plan on reordering my shelves, at least any time soon. I want to get rid of the over flows I already have at which point I hope I will have the space, will etc to reorder – probably in book size. It will also give me the chance to sort out the books i no longer want to read.

What about you? What do your shelves look like? How are they ordered?

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