Reading summary – August 2013

Not as successful a month in the reading stakes, with only the following read:

Time Will Tell by Donald Greig

Second Chance by David D Levine

My Notorious Life by Kate Manning (review to come out nearer publication date)

Deeds of Men by Marie Brennan

The King’s Exile by Andrew Swanston

The Returned by Jason Mott

For those of you paying attention, these are all from my current “outstanding books that need reviewing” as mentioned in a previous post, and goes some way in reducing that number down.


5 thoughts on “Reading summary – August 2013

  1. Well done for getting that particular pile down (mine will be attacked next month). I’m disappointed in my reading this month myself, although I might get another one to two finished today …


  2. I’ll be getting my August reads post up for tomorrow I think, frantically trying to finish the last of my All/Virago/All August books – well that’s my excuse for sitting on my bum reading a book I am loving all day 🙂


    • I don’t think I’ll finish another book before tomorrow, certainly not to write up a review, hence why it went up today. Hope you enjoyed August!

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      • Well I certainly won’t get this book finished and a review written up before the end of August – but it will make it on to the end of my list of August reads 🙂


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