Blogger Resolutions

Book Blogger New Year's Challenge
Parajunkee has set up a New Year’s Challenge and has questions set over 14 days and I will try and answer as many as possible


I had already started thinking of these before I saw parajunkee’s post and was in two minds as to whether to publish them, but here they are!

  • Double  subscribers to this blog
  • Double annual page hits to this blog
  • Double twitter followers to @brumnordie
  • Streamline the blogs I follow, removing duplicates, adding more
  • Read 75 books, review. 50% to be paperbooks (I’ve read 102 books this year, but this target allows me to read some of the larger books I have in my collection)
  • Take part in 3 memes a month
  • Comment on 10 blogs a month
  • Listen to one audiobook a month (I have such a backlog!)
  • Include links to purchase, twitter or website, where known
  • Post every other day
  • Include posts and tweets re JQ Bookwormers group
  • Learn more about my social media stats and how I can utilise them more
  • Make better use of hashtags across twitter and google+
  • Rationalise my google+ circles

10 thoughts on “Blogger Resolutions

  1. Those are strong goals, but I do hope you are able to meet them all!

    Organization means a lot – it saves time and hair-pulling. About the link thing…I learned it’s important, so I make a point to link to everything I can. Also to my old reviews and posts of course, if it’s the case.

    Oh, I saw you’re a Christie reader. I’ve read everything Christie since I was a kid (except her books as Mary Westmacott, for now).

    Good luck with your goals!


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