Book Review: A Creed for the Third Millennium by Colleen McCullough


A Creed for the Third Millennium by Colleen McCullough

Tomorrow’s America is a cold and ravaged place, a nation devastated by despair and enduring winter. In a small New England city, senior government official Dr. Judith Carriol finds the man she has been seeking: a deliverer of hope in a hopeless time who can revive the dreams of a shattered people; a magnetic, compassionate idealist whom Judith can mould, manipulate and carry to undreamed-of heights; a healer who must ultimately face damnation through the destructive power of love

This book was on my bookshelf for years, and I finally decided to bite the bullet. Unfortunately it was as difficult as I thought it was going to be and ended up as a DNC.

The naming of the characters was unsubtle as a brick [the family being referred to as “the Christians”] as was the description of Joshua himself [32 year old male, virtually asexual, still living with his mother and just coming into his prime].

By half way through I still hadnt determined *why* the government were doing what they were doing in spending all this time and money to find and promote this man. Either I missed something fundamental in the part of the book I did read, or it came later, but to be honest I didnt really care by the time I decided to abandon the book. I got little enjoyment out of what I did read and considered it very forced. Disappointing


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